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Representative Assembly

Representative Assembly Members (2021-2024)

Our Representative Assembly (RA) is our policy, priority, and budget setting body. As part of their policy and priority setting responsibilities, our RA members actively lead and participate in UNAC committees. This group is elected from and by our members-in-good standing and meets four times per academic year to conduct business. Each University and all extended sites collectively have a proportional number of members on the RA-see lists below. All members-in-good-standing (dues payers for 3+ months or new members who sign up within 30 days) are encouraged to run for RA seats.

UAA RA Members

Nalinaksha Bhattacharyya headshot in PhD robes
Nalinaksha Bhattacharyya
Accounting and Finance
headshot of Tim Hinterberger
Tim Hinterberger,
WWAMI School of Medical Education
headshot of Deb Mole in her UAA library office
Deb Mole
Consortium Library


headshot of Kristen Ogilvie
Kristen Ogilvie,
CAS, Anthropology

Headshot of Maria Williams in front of snowy trees
Maria Williams,
CAS, Alaska Native Studies
Headshot of Ryan Harrod
Ryan Harrod,
CAS, anthropology

UAF (Troth Yeddha' Campus) RA Members

headshot of Tony Rickard
Tony Rickard,
CNSM, mathematics education
headshot of Falk Huettmann
Falk Huettmann,
CNSM, Institute of Arctic Biology and Department of Biology and Wildlife
headshot of Haiwei Chen
Haiwei Chen,
Headshot of Leah Berman in front of blooming fireweed
Leah Berman,
CNSM, mathematics

headshot of Art Nash
Art Nash,

outline of a person's head and shoulders
(contact VP Douglas Cost)

UAS RA Members

headshot of Rosemarie Alexander-Isett
Rosemarie Alexander-Isett,
Arts & Sciences, Humanities
headshot of Kevin Maier
Kevin Maier,
Arts & Sciences, humanities


Extended Sites RA Members

photo of Pete Praetorius with a horse
Pete Praetorius,
UAA Mat-Su College, Communications
photo of Julie Maier in front of mountains
Julie Maier,
UAF CTC, mathematics
outline of a person's head and shoulders
Contact VP Cindy Trussell

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