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Executive Board

Executive Board Officers

Photograph of Professor Dumesnil in her UAS office


Jill Dumesnil

phone: 907.796.6242





Abel Bult-Ito

phone: 907.474.7158


Head shot of Tara Palmer

Interim Treasurer

Tara Palmer

phone: 907-786-6873


Headshot of Ryan Harrod

UAA Organizational Vice President (2024-2027)

Ryan Harrod

phone: 907.786.4989


Doug Cost in front of leafy small trees

UAF Organizational Vice President (2023-2024)

Doug Cost

phone: 907.474.1556


Headshot of Kathy DiLorenzo

UAS Organizational Vice President (2023-2024)

Kathy DiLorenzo

phone: 907.796.6418


Cindy Trussell kneeling beside a camera tripod in front of a lake

Extended Sites Organizational Vice President (2023-2024)

Cindy Trussell

phone: 907.486.1224



A Member-Led Union

The Executive Board

On the steps of the Alaska State Capital, current President, Jill Dumesnil, talks into a bullhorn with a group of faculty behind her.
President Jill Dumesnil with UAS members on the steps of the Alaska State Capitol during ongoing bargaining in 2022.

Our Executive Board is composed of seven officers who make all major union decisions--sometimes in coordination with the Representative Assembly. Our seven officers are UNAC members located at various University of Alaska sites.

Officers include a statewide President, Secretary, and Treasurer, as well as four vice presidents: Extended Sites Organizational Vice President (for all rural/extended campus members), UAA Organizational Vice President (Anchorage and CTC Campuses), UAF Organizational Vice President (Troth Yeddha' Campus), and UAS Organizational Vice President (Juneau Campus).

Officers are elected by dues-paying membership and serve three year terms. The statewide officers are elected one year prior to the vice presidential elections. All members-in-good standing (paying dues for 3+ months or a new employee who signed up within 30 days) are eligible to run for office and vote in elections. Positions are open to ALL of our members-in-good-standing, regardless of tenure status, rank, or type of work.

Our officers are committed to serving in the best interests of all UNAC bargaining unit members, to the maximum extent possible. When members call or email, our officers answer! All UNAC members are encouraged to contact their officers for help or advice, and especially to ask how to get involved in UNAC.

Our officers depend on an active and involved membership to enforce, protect, and improve our contract and our membership's working conditions. Joining the Representative Assembly or a UNAC committee is a great way for dues paying members to support our Executive Board while also contributing to UNAC's priority and policy decision making process.

Our current Executive Board officers are listed below, with their contact information.


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